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NR 24


In 1940, the German war machine invaded Norway, and Gunnar – a young 22 year old accountant – immediately offered his services to the resistance. He turned out to have a very special and unique talent for leadership and organizing, and quickly became the head of all resistance-actions in the Oslo-area. The story of Gunnar, aka «The Chin» and «No. 24», has never been more relevant. This skinny, modest, unassuming man that with the accuracy and meticulousness of an accountant – and the audacity and bravery of a real hero – gave the Gestapo years of relentless, tough resistance.

Director: John Andreas Andersen
Writer: Erlend Loe after an original script by Espen von Ibenfeldt
Producers: Espen Horn, Kristian Strand Sinkerud, John M. Jacobsen, Terje Strømstad

Produced by: Motion Blur
World premiere: 30. October, 2024