André koot

Born and raised in a small town,  André grew up catching whatever was playing at the local cinema and renting VHS tapes from the video store with his dad. Being allowed to stay up on weekends to watch NRK’s “Nattkinoen”, he was exposed to films like “Deliverance” and “Utvandrarna” long before he was supposed to. He was also exactly the right age to be mesmerized by the initial run of “Twin Peaks” on TV. Inspired by Westerns, Bruce Lee, “E.T”., “Star Wars”, Bud Spencer, “The Naked Gun”, Chaplin and “Rambo” alike, he and his friends soon began dabbling in filmmaking, using the resources they had at their disposal.

Following his film education at Lillehammer and ad school in Oslo, André pursued a career in advertising. He found success as a creative and partner at hot shop SMFB for many years, resulting in numerous award winning commercials and campaigns. However, his true passion always lay in the world of filmmaking, so the transition from advertising to directing was meant to be. His background in top level advertising has proven to be an asset as he combines his storytelling skills with a keen understanding of visual communication. He is also running freelance shop Sander Koot with his friend and creative soulmate Henrik Sander, giving both clients and advertising agencies a helping hand.

André has a knack for infusing humor into his work while maintaining a cinematic film language, a strong sense of concept, narrative depth and good writing. With every new project he is grateful to keep honing his craft and nurturing his love for the art of storytelling.